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Our Story

We want to share the power of Aronia Berry through our skincare!

Meet the Founders

Marija and Philip the Founders of Liv Aronia in Croatia for a Liv Aronia Photo Shoot

Hi! We’re Marija and Philip, together the Founders of Liv Aronia!

It’s time to take you on the journey of our Berry Based Beauty brand, which all started in a small village in Croatia.

But before we take you on our journey, we think it’s crucial to express that Marija is an absolute skincare freak always on the hunt to find the perfect product and is part of the sensitive skin type family. Where on the other side of the spectrum, Philip is a typical guy that loves to keep things simple but effective in his routine, especially coming from the dry skin type family of textures.

So back to the story, which all started with the influence of a secret super berry called the Aronia Berry also know as a Chokeberry, that’s harvested every year in Marijas’ family farm.

By this time, we were already aware of the several health benefits that the Aronia Berry expressed and already had over 2 years of experience of using the berry produce, so it was a little bit of a lightbulb moment after the harvest we did in 2019, as well as a sweetheart challenge for Marija and Philip, wherein this exact time Liv Aronia was born on the very terrace that you see in our picture.

As for any lightbulb moment, the very beginning is the sweet spot of excitement, to conduct research and plan out a journey, which took us a little over 18 months to figure out. From the extensive research and development to coming up with our first two products, during our journey we ultimately embodied our little rules that we’ve outlined in Our Mission for Liv Aronia.

From time to time we’ve experienced some disappointments in skincare, especially as sensitive and dry skin types. In addition to finding that, most skincare products are formulated using very harsh ingredients and had no positive side effects. In most cases, causing skin issues while gathering more disappointments rather than improving what we had hoped for.

We’ve decided to share our love and passion for skincare that’s made simple and embodied with natural and vegan origins. Loaded with natural ingredients that are free of potent fragrances and other nasties with no benefits.

We are very determined and excited about our products, and similarly, we want you to be as well as providing you with an awesome experience of being a part of the Liv Aronia community. So we invite you to follow and connect with us on our social media channels, to help others glow with natural and vegan skincare.

Can’t wait to meet you, we look forward to chatting away!
Marija & Philip 

Our Ingredients are 100% Plant-based

Our Mission


Connect with you to find out your needs and desires


Create skincare that is easy to pronounce


Formulate skincare that is easy to use


Develop skincare that doesn’t contain nasties


Source ingredients that are clean and good for you and your skin


Offset our environmental impact by giving back

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